The Creed of Egsa SoftWorks has been around since the beginning of time at the SoftWorks and is one of the oldest written works of the Last Gamers of the Old Code. The current incarnation of the creed, called The Crane Variant, is 290 characters (approximately 251 characters excluding the trailing data).

The Vexillum Arcadia Ascendant
The Vexillum Arcadia Ascendant is the rebel flag of the Last Gamers of the Old Code (sometime called the Vexillum Arcadia, Vexillum Arcadia Defiant, Rebel Gamer’s Jack or the Rebel Jack). The Vexillum Arcadia Ascendant and the Vexillum Arcadia Defiant are often used interchangeably but, according to the tradition the Ascendant is flown on the flagship or capital while the Defiant is used elsewhere.

The Vexillum Arcadia - Flag of the Old Code Gamer - Egsa Softworks
The Vexillum Arcadia, Long May She Wave

Vexillum Arcadia Rebel Jack
The Vexillum Arcadia Defiant, The Rebel Gamer’s Jack

The Rebel Jack is featured prominently in the Shields of the Rebellion. Possibly the most famous Shield of the Rebellion is the Two-Six-Core Shield which features the Vexillum Arcadia Defiant with a twenty-six at its center. This shield is used by true gamers around the world to extol that they are not only hardcore gamers, but iron core gamers. On tattoos it is accompanied by the old code gamer motto “Two-Six Core and Four-Nine Strong.”
Egsa Legendary GrognardEgsa Iron Revolutionary Egsa Old Code Gamer