New Guide from Egsa Press Helps Games Make History

The Armchair Historian’s Guide 2015 Edition (84 pp., tpb, $12.95) gives grassroots indie videogaming fans the chance to make history. The new book from the legendary grognards of Egsa Press is designed to fuel the drive for competitive indie videogaming. The Armchair Historian’s Guide 2015 Edition is available now.

The Armchair Historian’s Guide takes readers through a fast paced tour of video gaming’s rich shared tradition of celebrating achievements in gaming by keeping score. Referencing the iconic armchair that is often the center of control for gamers, the guide reminds gamers that whether they choose to observe, chronicle or make the digital record books, all gamers play an important role in the tradition of gaming. The pocket guide also serves as a manifesto for the concepts behind the first leaderboard for indie games; the WorldStandings Network (WSN). Included in the text is the print edition of the Articles of Play. The Articles of Play establish the competitive framework for the WorldStandings Tournament Regulations (WSTR) used by the leaderboard.

The first edition of The Armchair Historian’s Guide 2015 Edition (ISBN 978-0-98854167-1-0) is available as a limited run signature print edition. The print edition has an MSRP of 12.95 USD. The Armchair Historian’s Guide 2015 Edition is currently available at the Egsa Outfitters ( and is slated to be available in wider release this fall.

About Egsa Press(tm)
Egsa Press is devoted to providing the publications that inspire, inform and empower. The Egsa Press division is responsible for The Prospector: The Official News Dispatch of the Olde Code Egsa Outfitters (ISSN 2155-2975), Egsa Anthem and The Armchair Historian’s Guide – which included the first ever print edition of the Articles of Play. Together with Egsa SoftWorks, Egsa Press released the tabletop sensations ShatterCaster: New Kingdom and Getzaks:Kickback as well as WorldStandings Versus for Windows Phone.

About Egsa SoftWorks(tm)
Egsa SoftWorks develops video games for mobile devices, personal digital assistants, notebook and desktop based computers systems. Devoted to the true hardcore gamer, the division’s titles include the cult hardcore hit Circuit Breaker, ShatterCaster: DoomSayer and MindLathe. For more information visit

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